With ballooning, it’s all about the weather

With ballooning, it’s all about the weather

Ballooning only takes place when weather and wind conditions are suitable. If conditions are not suitable (safe) we simply do not fly. The best time to fly is just after sunrise when conditions are best and allow us to offer you a beautiful and safe flight.

And that's what we are all about, fun and safety.

We fly all year round, however conditions such as rain, fog and strong winds are unsuitable for ballooning and occasionally keep us grounded.

We understand that it is disappointing if your flight is cancelled. Please be aware that we make this decision for reasons of safety and enjoyment of your flight, as it is our company policy to always put your wellbeing first.

If your flight is cancelled due to unsuitable weather you will be given the option to rebook for another day or receive a refund(full price tickets only) in accordance with our terms & conditions.