Am I subject to any Terms & Conditions?

Yes, you are bound by our Terms & Conditions. We cannot alter the them under any circumstances so please do not ask for special dispensations as they cannot be given. Terms & Conditions

I missed my flight, what happens?

If you fail to turn up or are late and miss your flight you will lose your monies and forfeit your ticket.

How long is my ticket valid for?

All tickets are valid for 12 months from the date of purchase. You must fly within this period. Being a weather dependant activity you should expect it to take several attempts and bare in mind that weekends can book out several weeks in advance.

I have an existing injury can I still fly?

All passengers with existing injuries should seek medical advise before booking a flight. We cannot be held responsible for aggrevating any existing injury. If you a holder of a Gift Voucher we will allow you to tranfer the voucher to another person. Cloud 9 recommends that you take out Travel Insurance coverage incase you are prevented from flying due to illness or injury.

What happens if I fall ill?

Cloud 9 recommends that you seek and take out Insurance to cover the possibility of illness or injury preventing you from flying. If it is within 7 days of the flight we will allow you to transfer your ticket to another person to replace you on the flight and will ourselves endeavour to find a replacement as well. But if not replacement can be found the ticket will be forfeited.

Can I cancel and get a refund on my Flight ticket?

If you cannot reschedule, you may request a refund. Please note: discounted bookings, Gift Vouchers and accommodation packages are strictly nonrefundable. Flight cancellations are not allowed within 7 days of the flight. Gift Vouchers & discounted tickets are strictly Non Refundable. All other tickets can be refunded less an administration fee of $15.

What do I do if my flight is cancelled?

If your flight is cancelled you can reschedule to an alternate date. Simply contact our office on 1300 555 711 or via email Please note: Weekend flights are extremely popular and can book out several weeks in advance. Please be aware of this when rebooking, and understand that we will do our best to get you on a flight but you may like to consider a weekday flight instead. If you cannot reschedule, you may request a refund. Please note: discounted bookings, Gift Vouchers and accommodation packages are strictly nonrefundable. Flight cancellations are not allowed within 7 days of the flight. Gift Vouchers & discounted tickets are strictly Non Refundable. All other tickets can be refunded less an administration fee of $15.

Am I Insured?

Yes you will be insured whilst flying with us. It is a requirement of CASA the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to carry Air Carriers Liability Insurance up to $750 000 per passenger. We do recommend you take out your own travel insurance to cover the  possibility of illness or injury preventing you from flying on your chosen day.

How much does a balloon flight cost? (online prices)

Anyday – $295 pp    

Are discounts available for groups?

Yes, we offer group discounts. Please contact us on 1300 555 711 or by email

How do I pay for a flight?

The quickest and most secure way to book you flight is online. But if you’re not keen on computers just give us a call on 1300 555 711.

Can you accommodate corporate groups?

Cloud 9 can cater for Corporate groups up to 20 persons. Setting-up and packing-up a hot air balloon provides a great team building activity and the flight itself is a great incentive. Please contact our bookings office for information and quote.

Can a Flight ticket be used as a gift and how long is it valid for?

Yes, they can. They are valid for twelve months only but can be left open dated. They are transferable but are not refundable.

Is balloon flight safe?

If the right hands, yes. Cloud 9 has a safety record and safety culture which our reputation has been built on over the past 26 years. You only concern should be, how much fun are you going to have.

How long is the flight?

Flights are scheduled to last 45 minutes. The exact length depends on the availability & suitability of landing sites. For the whole flying experience allow 3 hours.

How high do you go?

Most flights take place from tree height to 2000 or more feet.

Where do we launch and land?

We choose the launch site on the morning of the flight depending on wind direction & speed, we have numerous launch sites in the Hawkesbury Valley. Landing will take place in a suitable location somewhere downwind of the launch site.

Is it cold during the flight?

You will find it no colder in the balloon than when you are on the ground. The burners, located above your head radiate some warmth so it’s quite pleasant in winter and damn hot in Summer.

What should I wear and bring?

Wear suitable outdoor clothing a hat and sunglasses if the sun is shining. Boots or at least closed in footwear. Do not wear expensive or white coloured clothing/shoes. Ballooning is an outdoor adventure experience and there is a fair chance that you will get a little dirty. Bring a camera and a good attitude.

Can anyone fly?

Minimum age is 7 years, we have no maximum age however it does pay to have some level of fitness.

How far do balloons fly?

It depends completely on the wind speed, usually somewhere between 5 and 30 kilometers.

Can extra people join me for breakfast?

Yes, you can book this through us. The cost is $25 per adult.

What days do you fly?

Cloud 9 operates 7 days a week. You can check availability by viewing our Flight Calendar.

How is the balloon steered?

Yes, directional control is possible by ascending or descending into air currents going in a different direction.

Do we need to Check In for our flight?

The pilot sends an SMS to your mobile phone to confirm the meeting time on the last working day prior to your flight and then a final SMS on the morning of your flight to confirm the flight is going ahead. If you do not receive an SMS please call the office on 1300 555 711.

How do I know whether my flight is going ahead?

The decision to meet is made 90 minutes prior to the meeting time. The pilot will send another SMS to your mobile phone advising if the flight is definitely on or has to be cancelled due to inclement weather. Please note: due once again to the unpredictability of weather & forecasts we do not make a decision earlier than 90 minutes prior to the meeting time.

Does the balloon fly in all weather conditions?

No. Hot air ballooning is a fair weather activity. The idea is to have fun so if conditions are not suitable we do not fly. Excessive wind, rain & fog are some of the things that keep us grounded. IMPORTANT NOTE: we understand that it is disappointing to have a flight cancelled but the decision is made with your safety and enjoyment in mind. Please be understanding when this situation occurs – we never want to cancel a flight, it is mother nature who makes that decision for us! So if you feel the urge to yell at someone, yell at her.

How many people are in the basket?

Cloud 9 Balloon Flights has 3 balloons which can fly between 2 -20 persons in the basket.

How long does it all take?

You can expect to be with us for about 3hours. This includes the flight as well as the setting up and packing up of the balloon, as well as having breakfast after the flight.

What time do we meet?

We meet around 45 min before first light. You will find out the precise meeting time when you receive the text message from the pilot the day prior; rough Guide: Summer – 5am Winter – 6am

Where do you fly and meet for your flight?

Your flight meeting point
Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley

61 The Hawkesbury Valley Way 2756

Windsor NSW

See Map

Do we fly other locations?

Not currently but soon you may see a Hot air balloon in Tasmania, Australia. Not much information but stay tuned