Winter is an exciting time to fly Hot air Balloons in Sydney

After what seems to be a never ending Summer the warm weather is finally coming to an end, ‘Winter is Coming’.

Along with the hot weather came the best ballooning conditions we at Cloud 9 have seen in 30 years of flying. Fine days and light winds had us flying most days with our success rate rising above 90% when in usually hangs around the 70% range. A passenger really had to be unlucky to have their flight cancelled.

There are consequences to working this hard, we are all exhausted and now need a long rest so we have the energy and enthusiasm to carry on when the Winter ends and our passengers want to take to the skies again.

So it is that for the first time since 1993, Cloud 9 Balloon Flights will be closing down during the period of 30th May – 29th August  2016 for a much needed holiday. 

We look forward to taking to the skies again. Booking after this period can still be made on our website. Gift Vouchers are also available online.

Mia will be in the office answering any queries or emails. Please leave a message if she is unable to answer.


Jamie Buttigieg