New hot air balloons in the Hawkesbury

Its always a great feeling when you buy something brand new; its shiny, looks and smells clean, you treat it with kid gloves the first time you use it, kinda like a new baby.

Cloud 9 has had three brand new balloons made since last November, so like a new baby we are madly taking too many photos, and feeling very proud as we watch as each of them launch into the skies over the Hawkesbury and Hunter Valley.  

Hot air balloons need to be colourful and eye catching, the colours and patterns need to look balanced and ‘right” as any colour consultant will tell you. I’d like to think we have achieved this, particularly with our most recent balloon VH-ZEP.

When all the hot air balloons get together on the launch site, she’s the one at the party you can’t take your eyes off. VH- ACL the smallest in our fleet complete with a beautiful new basket for our VIP/engagement flight is similar and just as eye catching.   Our middle sized balloon, VH- DAZ, short for dazzle doesn’t quite captivate like its older and younger siblings, mainly because it was made out of the only fabric currently available at Kavanagh Balloons, we needed a new top end made  quickly and had no time to spare for new fabric to arrive from South Africa.

The end result is still a great looking balloon, but I can’t stop thinking of my old school uniform!  I’m sure you’ll see which one I mean in the photos to follow .

Hot air ballooning in Sydney, Hawkesbury
Jamie Buttigieg