Flying Hot air Balloons in the Hawkesbury Valley, Near Sydney

We’ve moved on to greener pastures.


Cloud 9 Balloon Flights has ceased flying in the Hunter Valley and moved it’s entire operation to the greener pastures of the Hawkesbury.


WTF! May well be your initial reaction. The Hunter, New South Wales’s wine growing district has for decades been a popular location for romantic weekend escapes from the busy, overpopulated concrete monoliths of Sydney and the Central Coast. A lot of people visit the Hunter Valley each year to gorge on wine, food and each other. Spending their hard earned on everyone and everything. Why would we want to go somewhere else and miss out on getting hold of our share?


Cloud 9 carried out its first flight in the region on 6th March 1999, 18 years ago. In that time we have seen the wine growing district slowly evolve into what it is today; a great weekend destination, but it’s a long way from home and we know there’s a better place to enjoy ballooning right outside our back door and yours;

The Hawkesbury.


Located on the North West fringe of the Sydney basin just 50km from Sydney CBD is a rural area with scenery quite unique to the Australian landscape. Nestled between the townships of North Richmond, Windsor & Pitt Town is a patchwork quilt of turf & produce farms creating a view that you would expect to find in the English countryside, not on the fringe of Australia’s largest City.


These fields, irrigated from the Hawkesbury River create a beautiful lush green oasis beside the meandering river and surrounding Blue Mountains. It’s a pleasant surprise to most Sydneysiders and our OS visitors alike, to fly over an area that is still Sydney, a bit between the World famous Blue Mountains and the western suburbs of Sydney!


See you soon…….


The Cloud 9 Crew

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Jamie Buttigieg