Your itinerary

What follows is a brief description of the mornings itinerary. Timing is approximate and will vary depending on the season. CHECK IN – All passengers are required to check in the last work day prior to their flight to ensure they know the correct meeting time and location. The meeting time for your flight will change depending on what time the sun rises. Generally in the warmer months we meet at 5am and during the cooler months 6am. MORNING WEATHER CHECK – 90 minutes prior to the meeting time a quick telephone call will confirm that the weather is suitable to meet. MEETING POINT 0500 – Hawkesbury Visitor Information Centre – carpark 328 Hawkesbury Valley Way, Ham Common (opp. Richmond Airforce Base) Richmond
Look out for Tourist Information sign located 300m before The Visitor Centre.Hawkesbury Valley. Once at the meeting site passengers will be required to complete an ‘Assumption or Risk & Release of Liability’. It is also the last opportunity to use the rest rooms till our return. Whilst all this is happening the Pilot will be deciding on the appropriate launch location depending upon the winds direction and speed. TRANSPORTATION 0515 – Once he has made up his mind you will be informed of his decision and will be transported to the site in our vehicles. Launch sites may be located upwards of 30 minutes driving time away from meeting location. LAUNCH SITE – Once on site the Pilot will give a Passenger Safety Briefing and give a description of what to expect during the flight. INFLATION 0530 – It takes about 30 minutes and a helping hand from a couple of passengers to inflate the balloon. Once upright the Pilot will invite you to board the aircraft. He will give a brief explanation of how he controls the aircraft and get you to practise the landing position. AIRBORNE 0600 – Whilst the Pilot will have a fair idea of the landing area, but being a weather dependant activity you can never be too sure. Whilst you enjoying the flight and scenery the pilot will be finding out exactly what the winds will allow him to do. About 15 minutes into the flight he will have a very good idea of where you will end up. If he is feeling confident and wants to show off, he’ll probably tell you where he is aiming for. LANDING 0715 – After 45-60 minutes flying you will be preparing for landing. Its usually a open paddock or sports field, but who knows it may well be someone’s backyard. The landing are generally very smooth, but the faster the surface wind the more of a drag down the paddock. If you’re really lucky you may even fall over. Don’t worry it’s a lot of fun. Your Pilot will inform you what to expect.
PACKING UP – The Ground Crew is usually on site to assist in packing the balloon away. A fun job which you’re happy to do once or twice in a lifetime. Takes about 20 minutes but works up a fantastic appetite for breakfast. RETURN TRIP – Something to bring you back to reality. Could take 5 minutes or 1 hour depending on how far we have flown. BREAKFAST – Complete your Romantic Aerial Adventure the best possible way by enjoying a Hearty Hawkesbury breakfast in nearby Windsor. HOMEWARD BOUND 0800 – The entire experience, including breakfast takes about 3-4 hours. We load the ground shots onto Facebook which you can forward to your family & friends. COMMENTS – We always welcome constructive comments on how we can improve our service. You can do this by visiting our website.