Balloon Advertising

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Branded Balloons & Hot Air Balloon Advertising

Close you eyes, look up and imagine a beautiful balloon floating gentle by sporting your company logo or product. All alone, above all other forms of street advertising, in the big blue sky for everyone to see. Balloon Advertising it is the only outdoor advertising medium that grabs people’s attention and has them stopping in the street just looking, enjoying the moment. And there’s more:

  • Use the balloon for Client & Staff Incentives
  • Utilise it for product launches & sales promotions
  • Use it a s a drawcard for all forms of media
  • It’s transportable, it can be used in other locations
  • Imagery perfect for marketing, promotion & artwork
  • Use it to support community projects and fundraising initiatives

You will be surprised just how affordable it is to have your own branded balloon flying high in the skies above Sydney’s Hawkesbury Valley or the Hunter Valley.

Company Branded Balloons

Are you a business looking for a cost effective option to raise your company’s profile and brand awareness? Cloud 9 can assist you in the design and manufacture of a balloon envelope which when completed to your specifications will be flown as part of our passenger joy flight operations above Sydney’ Hawkesbury Valley & Hunter Valley.

The 3-5 year lifespan of these Australian built balloon envelopes make them ideal for a medium to long term advertising campaign.

During this period you may wish to utilise it for:

  • Media
  • Events
  • Client & Staff Incentive
  • Product launches
  • Prize Winners & Giveaways

If you want to lift your brand above all others Contact our office to discuss your requirements.

Banner Advertising

Banner Advertising is the quickest and cheapest way to get your message into the skies and get it noticed. This method of balloon advertising is best suited to a short term campaigns such as product launches, store openings, Event Promotion.

The banner is attached to the side of the balloon and on that banner you can have printed any message you wish. The banner can be placed on our small sport balloon where it can attend events and carry out tethered displays. Or the banner can be placed on our Passenger ride balloons where it will be seen above the Hawkesbury and Hunter Valleys.


General information about ballooning

Nearly all balloon flights within Australia are carried out early morning when atmospheric conditions are at their most stable. Winds of more than 15kph make inflating and launching a large hot air balloon very difficult. Encountering excessive strong winds whilst in flight can make landing a very memorable, exciting, some times even scary experience.

Small Sport Balloons

Small 2-3 person balloons are primarily used by enthusiasts keen to experience the magic of old world flight. Commercial operators use these small balloons for, advertising, promotions, tethering at events, product launches as well as for plain old fun. These small balloons are the Ferrari of the skies and can be operate in conditions a little faster than what larger balloon can operate.

Large Passenger Balloons

Large passenger ride balloons can carry up to 20 passengers at the one time. The baskets up to 4.5m in length a designed to give maximum comfort and views for all the passengers onboard. Perfect for businesses wanting a group experience to entertain staff and clients in the same place at the same time.

Free Flight – The wind dictates which direction and the distance the balloon will fly. The pilot uses a combination of skill and variation in the wind to choose where to launch from and safely steer the balloon into a landing site. Good pilots posses a intrinsic understanding of meteorological conditions and their aircraft.

Tethered Flight – is the ideal method of flying a balloon when you want the balloon to act as a static display. The balloon is tied to the ground by a number of ropes, which allows it to rise approximately 30m above the ground but not fly away.

Technical Stuff

Even though balloons can come in a variety of sizes and shapes they all are essentially made from the same material.

The baskets are still constructed by weaving wicker cane around a stainless steel frame. The burner, which generates the heat to lift a balloon possibly weighing 3000kg is fuelled by LPG. During a 60minute flight the largest balloon will burn up to 180 litres of fuel.

The envelope fabric is constructed from silicon coated rip stop nylon, similar to that used on a parachute or yacht spinnaker. The volume of the envelope can range in size from 18,000 cuft (1 man balloon) to 450,000cuft (21 person balloon)

The lifespan of a balloon envelope will vary depending on how heavy it is flown and the type of flying it is subjected to. The baskets if taken good care of can last in excess of 10 years whilst the envelope (fabric) will survive about 5-600 hours .

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