About Us

TA10-logoFINALIST (3) Buying a balloon flight seems pretty easy – there are plenty of websites out there selling flights and on the face of it, they all seem to be offering the same product. So why not just book with anyone. Well, like everything you buy the quality of the product can vary greatly. So here are a few reasons why we believe Cloud 9 simply does it better than anyone else and would be your best choice for your Hot Air Ballooning Adventure.

Award Winning Team – Best Adventure Tour 2010

Gold Winner Adventure Tourism, 2010 Greater Sydney Tourism Awards 
Finalist – 2010 NSW Tourism Awards There can be no greater accolade than receiving the top award from the regions’ peak tourism authority. Not only has Cloud 9 been recognised at the BEST balloon flight company but we’re also the Best Adventure Tour. adventurewinner

the Right Stuff!

It’s the right type of ‘Experience’ that counts when ballooning. We’re not talking about how may years we’ve been around. Although we should point out that Cloud 9 has operated for over 20 years with the original Owner, Management Team and Chief Pilot and we can even boast about having a total of 30 years of professional ballooning experience. Cloud 9 sets the industry bench mark which all other aspire to follow.

Beautiful Flying Areas

We believe that a beautiful balloon must only be flown over beautiful landscapes.

Hawkesbury Valley (Sydney)

Simply the most beautiful location in the entire Sydney Basin to fly a balloon. Some say it’s Sydney’s best kept secret. We know it is. Surrounded by National Parks, historic townships and pristine farmland you’ll just love it. And it’s so close!

Our Company – The Australian Balloon Co

Did you know that Cloud 9 Balloon Flights is:

  • The Only wholly Australian Owned & Operated Balloon Company flying in the Hawkesbury Sydney?
  • The only balloon company still Owned & Operated by the same people who started the business over 20 years ago?
  • The company that pioneered ballooning in the Sydney area and remains the only company with authorisation to do so?
  • The only balloon company that operates ‘All Year Round’?
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