The Hawkesbury

Sydney – Hawkesbury Valley Hot Air Balloon Rides

The Hawkesbury region is our personal favorite hot air ballooning location. Most people find it impossible to believe that such a beautiful diverse landscape can be found so close to Australia’s largest city. But it does, and viewed from the platform of our magnificent balloon it is a sight to behold. Lying at the foot of the Greater Blue mountains wilderness area, the evergreen fields of the Hawkesbury farmlands paint a stunning patchwork quilt next to the quiet meandering of the Hawkesbury River and surrounding townships. Come fly over our Home and explore our beautiful backyard. Just a few hours spent exploring the Hawkesbury will have you feeling refreshed and relaxed wanting to come back again and again.


Flight Information


  • $259 per person (weekday)
  • $299 per person (weekends and public holidays)
  • $25 per person optional full buffet breakfast


  • 45-60 minute hot air balloon flight
  • Insurance
  • Flight certificate
  • Online souvenir photos (taken by the ground crew)
  • Bus transfers to balloon

Meeting Point

The Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley, 61 Hawkesbury Valley Way, Windsor ,  provides Cloud 9 Balloon Flights with comfortable, first class facilities for checking our passengers in on the morning of the flight. All our balloon rides take place around Sunrise with the meet time being 5am in Summer and 6am during Winter. We shall contact you prior to your flight to confirm the meet time. After the completion of some paperwork and a short briefing from your pilot you will be transported to the launch site where you are welcome to help prepare the balloon for flight, or stand back and take pictures. The launch site changes from day to day depending on wind speed and direction.


Additional Information

Your flight

About 20 minutes to prepare the aircraft for flight in which time your Pilot will explain how balloons are made, how we control them and some history.Then it’s up and away on the gentle breezes over the beautiful Hawkesbury Valley in our hot air balloon. What goes up must come down. Your pilot will choose a landing site, which is always downwind of the take off site, and inform the ground crew who will meet us as the balloon comes back to earth.Most of our flight have a gentle ending but if we are moving at more than 10kph it is not unusual to bump along the ground for a bit before the basket falls over on it’s side. It’s quite safe but lots of fun.About 20 minutes is spent packing the balloon away before a short drive back to the Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley where you enjoy a delicious buffet breakfast at the Gazebo restaurant.Interested in staying at the Crowne Plaza Hawkesbury Valley, view our accommodation deals (link).Over breakfast you will have the opportunity to view and purchase a Souvenir A4 photo taken whilst airborne by our in flight camera. The price of your Hawkesbury Valley balloon flight depends on the day you wish to fly.  Weekend flights are most popular and fill up quickly, so book early!


The weather plays a major part in deciding if your flight takes place. Wind, rain or fog can play a part in spoiling our fun. But you have to remember that the whole idea is to have fun and do it safely. So if the Pilot decides conditions aren’t suitable don’t get upset, he just wants to give you the best experience possible.


We provide accommodation packages. Click here for more details.