Lifes’s An Adventure

Lifes an adventure, it can be exciting and different like a hot air balloon flight, you take off into the skies not really knowing where you’re going to land or thats what we would like you to think. Its all part of a finally tuned  plan, knowing the winds, knowing the geography and finally knowing the landowners where we land. So what does a balloonist, an adventurous person like our pilot John do when he goes on holidays? He joins about 200 other crazy motorbike fanatics and ride across across Australia from Perth to Byron Bay. Personally I love both places but not the expanse in between. The first week is the worst, a lot of sandunes, towns that are not worth stopping as there maybe no fuel, even less hospitality. All riders have been advised to take it easy as helicopters cannot carry enough fuel to get to a certain point in the middle so no accidents thanks folks. Thankfully there’s a “sweep” crew, other bikes and a 6 wheel drive to pick you up along the way and bring you to next town if you or your bike is broken. Each rider carries a Spot tracker device which allows the sweep crew as well as any anxious/amused wives the ability to watch their progress. John should finish, he’s an experienced rider, riding a lightweight enduro bike, once everyone arrives at the Finke races in Central Australia, a rest day or two, then the final trek to Byron is alot easier. I hope they all finish, odds are not all will, but if you love an adventure and riding a motorbike is your thing how could you miss it. John will be back flying on the 15th June, but while its cold, the air is clear, visibility is at its best and we’re looking forward to some spectacular winter flying. Clare
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