Are you ready to for balloon flight

Here are a few bits if advice for you people fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to take to the skies in a hot air balloon.Firstly, the man at the controls is a qualified expert, highly trained with many years of experience to draw upon in any situation. Which leaves you with the simple task of relaxing and enjoying the experience.In Australia nearly all passenger ride balloon flights take place at Sunrise. So get yourself to bed early and have a good nights sleep. Waking up feeling good and with plenty of time up your sleeve will also have you feeling excited about what’s to come.Proper preparation prevents poor performance, so spend a few minutes the day before getting clothes and all the others gear you want to take along with you ready. Your less likely to forget something and find you won’t be rushed to get out the door.Know where you are flying. How much of a fool are you going to look when you find out that the meet point for the balloon flight is an hours drive away when you thought it was just around the corner. And you miss the flight and lose your money. It happens, and way too often.Read your Ticket Cloud 9 supplies all passengers with paperwork explaining all they need to know about their flight. It is important that you take a few minutes to read through this literature. It will help you in preparations for your flight and prevent those embarrassing situations such as those already mentioned.Why not share the experience with a friend. Such a unique experience will be so much more memorable and special if you have someone close to you to share it with. Having someone to talk to on your journey can heighten the experience as you discuss what you can see and how you feel.Dress down, appropriately Hot air balloon rides can involve standing for a considerable period of time, so make sure you select a pair of comfortable shoes, so as not to dampen the experience with tired, achy feet. Don’t wear your good clothing. Your out and about in the countryside where there is dirt, dung, mud and all sorts of grubby stuff that won’t look or smell good attached to your Sunday best clothng.Don’t look down Many people find that keeping their attention focused straight ahead, as opposed to looking down, is beneficial at the start of the flight. This can help if you are not keen on heights. You will soon find that you relax, and enjoy the experience, possibly building on your confidence enough to look down as the journey progresses.Smile, your on camera You can see some amazing sites from a balloon, so don’t forget to pack your camera. It’s going to come in handy.  We take pictures as well which you can see on our Facebook page after the flight,

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