High above the Hawkesbury

It’s funny how people believe that you have to travel vast distances from home before you find something worthwhile or different. When something rather special is just down the road.

The Hawkesbury is on such place. A mere 60km from Sydney’s Harbour bridge the region extends from Palm Beach through the Blue Mountains. So get everyone in the car we’re going for a day trip and explore what this area has to offer.Lets start at Mooney Mooney bridge on the M1 heading north to Newcastle. But on this adventure your best to travel up the Pacific Hwy to get there. A pleasant windy road popular with motor cyclists. It’s well worth dropping in at the Road Warriors Cafe where the bikers stop for some good food and coffee and a perve at the bikes.From here continue up to Peats Ridge where you can stop at Glenworth Valley and do a whole bunch of outdoor activities but today we want to drive Mangrove Mountain through Spencer along the northerns side of the Hawkesbury to St Albans for lunch. Good food and beer to be had at this old English style pub but you may find the staff a bit well, Fawlty Towers.From there we continue to loop around to Wisemans Ferry. If you liked views along the drive so far you will love this stretch of road. If you fancy yourself as driver you will love it even more. And at the end of it you get to ride on a ferry.Once off the ferry the pub is worth a visit particularly on a weekend when they have music playing. But don’t drink too much because the best of the drive is ahead of you. Where you came off the ferry turn right and follow the River Rd through Lower Portland to the Sackville ferry to Windsor. If your not enjoying yourself by now and are not blown away by the views check that you have a heart beat.The drive so far would have taken a relaxing 4- 5 hours so it’s wirth taking some time to stretch the legs around the historical Townships or Windsor and Richmond. There are still a few old historical places standing from the old days but it really is the natural features of this area that stand out. From here it is less than a hour back to Sydney CBD but for those wanting more why not stay the night and enjoy some of the activities the area has to offer.Hot air ballooning is just one of them. This area is something special viewed from the air. More English than Australian some say with the blend of river, mountain, farms, forest and countryside that makes it unique. But if flying isn’t your thing here are some other things to try;Southern Cross KayakingAction PaintballTrees AdventureIndy 800 Kart TrackFarm Gate TrailTizzana WineryTobruk Sheep StationMount Tomah Botanic GardensAustralian Pioneer VillageArtist Trail

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