Balloon flight, ‘Weather’ or not to Fly

Balloon Aloft over Hawkesbury & Hunter Valley

Balloon Aloft over Hawkesbury & Hunter Valley

‘Who would want to be a weather forecaster? Better still, Who’d be a balloonist that relies on the Weather Forecaster?

I think everybody accepts that it’s a combination of years of study; on the job experience and some educated guesswork that goes into making up a weather forecast. But with the web and instant access to weather forecasts, suddenly every man and his dog now has a second job, as a weather forecaster. And it sometimes makes a balloon pilot’s life a misery.

For the last 28 years about 2 hours prior to our meet time I have raised my sleepy head off the pillow and gone through the same procedure to check if the forecast is correct. Because with the weather you just never know. Mostly its the timing of weather events that the forecasters get wrong and a few hours either way can make the difference in whether we fly or not.

Aside from a quick chat to the Aviation Meteorologist a look at the radar and wind meters, it’s the walk outside the door of my house which tells me the most. Most days the decision is easy. If it’s wet or windy cancel and go back to bed. But it’s the marginal days that the years of knowledge a good pilot has built up tells him if it’s good, safe ballooning conditions.

This is where the problem of everyone’s second job as a forecaster becomes a problem. Having calls from disappointed passengers who have decided that the weather was suitable for flying can make my job very difficult.

But the reality is that there isn’t much we can do about it. Balloons like all aircraft types have performance limitations. Too much wind which makes it impossible to inflate the balloon or land safely is usually the main reason we cancel. After that it’s rain and fog. With rain comes unstable conditions and with fog there is no view to take in.

Now the whole idea of taking a flight in a hot air balloon is to try something new and adventurous, have some fun doing it, and above all do it safely. Take off in the wrong conditions and the chances of enjoying the flight and going home safely aren’t good.

Cloud 9 Balloon Flights has over 30 years ballooning experience and your Pilot, John Allen has a faultless safety record. 4500 flights, 30,000 passengers flown. No crashes, Injuries. With this record why wouldn’t you trust his decision. So it’s ok to be disappointed just don’t take it out on us. We just want you to have the best experience and remember it for all the good reasons.

Fly Cloud 9 Balloon Flights, fly safely.

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